guess what I payed for, and now hate myself for

Long time no post!

I wanted to hear how Sims 4 was going for people.

I am not planning on getting it any time soon cus I am really unhappy with some of the things I read was taken out (and I feel the price of it is way too high to match up to what they took out)

But I do want to hear how it is going tho. About the game is going after all that has been taken out, if its really showing its missing or its going nicely. (I am so confused about robbers being taken out?!)

Cus I am going to see him next week

Can anyone link me to how to get abducted on sims 3?

I just want to have a step by step thing >.<

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My boyfriend just said that Cory looks like Joel Mchale?!


Cory and Sabrina

Sabrina&#8217;s new boy toy
Well boyfriend, he likes to call himself her boy toy&#8230;? Dont ask.
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