Cus I am going to see him next week

Can anyone link me to how to get abducted on sims 3?

I just want to have a step by step thing >.<

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My boyfriend just said that Cory looks like Joel Mchale?!


Cory and Sabrina

Sabrina&#8217;s new boy toy
Well boyfriend, he likes to call himself her boy toy&#8230;? Dont ask.
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In celebration of completing my Clementine Print and the announcement of Season 2 premiering this fall, I’m doing a Giveaway for the happy denizens of Tumblr!
There will be TWO winners. First winner gets first choice.
Reblogs and Likes count seperately. So if you do both you have a greater chance to win.
I will of course, need your mailing address.
International winners i ask 5$ for shipping.
I’ll message the winners and they have 48 hours to respond, if not it goes to the next winner.
This Give-Away is over April 8th.
If you’d rather Not wait you can always purchase the above on my Storenvy:
Or find me at any Cons I appear at.

I am just finishing up Oakshore, a brand new Sims 3 world for my game. ♫